eBBQ by Severin



A barbecue you can use indoors and outdoors? The SENOA boost or digital boost eBBQ is the perfect electric grill to use in the garden or on your small balcony. Heat it up to 500°C and start grilling in no time. These high temperatures are made possible thanks to the BoostZone. The innovative reflector makes sure heat is distributed evenly, promising you can grill each dish to perfection. With the integrated core thermometer and the OLED display, you can always reach the desired cooking point.

In- & outdoor

Quick start


OLED display & timer

High quality stainless steel grill rach

Many removable parts allow easy cleaning

Water in reflection tray: for easy cleaning, against smoke and odour.

Specs of the SENOA Digital Boost

Quick start

from 0 to 500°C in just 10 minutes.

500°C power

Double heating technology with 500°C for maximum power

Innovative reflector

Perfect heat distribution

OLED display

Guaranteed success thanks to precise temperature settings in the digital display.

Integrated timer & thermometer

Exact temperature control thanks to be integrated grill thermometer and timer.


SafeTouch housing eliminates the danger of burns on all surfaces


Pizza stone

Made of food-safe cordierite
Extra thick


Made of cast iron: perfect heat distribution and storage Prevents grilled food from sticking

Sear grate

Made of cast iron

Perfect for searing

Grill patern guaranteed

Smoke box

Refinement of dishes with smoking chips Delicious smokes flavours

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      Find a dealer near you and get started with the Severin eBBQ.

      Find a dealer near you and get started with the Severin eBBQ.