eBBQ by Severin

Discover the eBBQ: hotter than gas, faster than coal!*

Light up your barbecue experience without gas or charcoal. Just plug in the electric barbecue and get started. Flex your muscles, because this next gen eBBQ has unseen power. It is quick, extra hot and absolutely safe. Use the Severin eBBQ when and where you want to: in the living room, on your balcony or in the garden. Show off your culinary skills. Ready to start grilling?

Where to buy?





Where to buy?

      Where to buy?

      Find a dealer near you and get started with the Severin eBBQ.

      For the


      Are you the Beauty? A creative home chef or a top-notch culinary wonder? Our eBBQ makes no distinction. It will make you long to grill.

      … and the

      Or would you rather be the Beast? It takes guts to prepare a world-renowned piece of meat on the electric barbecue. Do you have what it takes? Show yours, the eBBQ will show you his.

      Tip from the chefs

      “A Filipino style bbq”

      - Erica Paredes

      Filipino style bbq

      Ready for a true Filipino barbecue? Use the SEVO eBBQ to prepare a mix of squid, pork, chicken and shrimp with a variety of fruit and vegetables. Make it look extra exotic by serving it on banana leaves.


      “Let the magic happen”

      - Roy Nader

      Argentino steak

      A big piece of steak on the eBBQ, with a perfectly controlled temperature and a magnificent grill pattern? Sounds delicious, right?! Serve with chimichurri sauce and be amazed!

      Don't forget to print your voucher

      Can't wait to start grilling? Print your voucher or download it to your smartphone, go to your nearest dealer and get a barbecue cover for free!