eBBQ by Severin

The benefits of an eBBQ

Flex your muscles, because this eBBQ has unseen power. Fire up your barbecue electrically and get grilling in an instant. Indoors or outdoors, you choose. This electric barbecue is hotter than gas and faster than coal*. It is also extremely easy to use and clean. The eBBQ causes no damage to the environment or to your skin, because you cannot get burned thanks to the SafeTouch housing. Get grilling or slow cooking, prepare any dish you want. Enjoy!



The removable parts are always easy to clean: grill rack, power box, heater and reflector bowl.


Don’t worry about getting burned. The SafeTouch housing eliminates the danger of burns on all surfaces.

OLED display & timer

Set the temperature as you wish thanks to the digital OLED display and the integrated grill thermometer. The timer will inform you when your dish is ready to serve.


500° Boost zone

A two- or three-zone heating technology ensures maximum power. Prepare juicy steaks with a perfect crust and successful grill branding. Or go for delicious grilled vegetables. Your choice!

Quick start

Stop waiting for your barbecue to get to the right temperature. The eBBQ goes from 0 to 500°C in just 10 minutes.

Stainless steel

The grill racks of the eBBQ are made out of stainless steel. Top-notch quality.


In- & outdoor

No gas, no coals, making this electronic barbecue the ideal device to use both indoors and outdoors. Use the table device or put the barbecue on your balcony. Use it in the garden or under your covered terrace. Dishes


Make a variety of dishes on the Severin electronic barbecue. It was made to grill any ingredient. Thanks to the lid, even slow cooking is possible.


Add accessories, especially developed to expand the cooking possibilities even more. What do you think about a pizza stone, smoke box or plancha?


No CO₂ emission

The Severin eBBQ does not use any gas or charcoal. Want to make it completely eco-friendly? Use green electricity.

Innovative reflector

The innovative reflector shell ensures even heat distribution and a full 500°C on the food. The use of water reduces smoke and makes cleaning easier. The grill fits 2 litres, making sure you can grill longer without refilling it.

No waste temperature control

Precise temperature settings make sure you will never set the heat too high or low. You will never waste any electricity. Your dish will be ready when the timer goes off.