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Glenn Verledens

Glenn Verledens staat achter het fornuis van zijn eigen eetcafé De Fazant in Kluisbergen. Hij serveert er het beste comfortfood van de streek. 

We maken alles klaar op de fantastische SEVO eBBQ.

Glenn Verledens

My signature dishes

Gegrilde asperge met buikspekje en truffelmayonaise

Brasvarken/ varkensentrecôte met Blackwellsaus

Tips & Tricks

Favourite feature

500° Boost Zone

Grill masters verenig u! Klaar om zo’n heerlijke, sappige biefstuk met de perfecte korst te bereiden? Gebruik de 500° Boost Zone op de SEVO eBBQ!

Tips van de chef

Here’s how to get a killer crust on Your grilled meats

So you’re grilling fish, kebabs, burgers or other small pieces of meat, and you want to develop a nice, dark crust on the outside. What you don’t want, however, is to overcook that meat on the inside. In order to achieve the perfect combination of satisfying crunch surrounding juicy meat, you need a ripping hot grill. The trouble is, a lot of backyard grills just aren’t going to get that hot on their own. I advise lining your grill with foil — the shiny side facing the interior of the grill. Typically, the dark sides of the grill will heat away from the heat source and absorb it, but with this method, the heat will bounce off of the shiny surface and back toward your food, creating the high-temperature conditions necessary for a stellar sear. Share this tip on

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